God Shines in our Hearts

We have a very defined ethos at Ilfracombe Church of England Junior School. To illustrate this, we've split it down into bite-size chunks accompanied by some lovely imagery.

Scroll down for our full ethos statements.

A Light Environment

We are committed to Lighting Up Learning.

Our corridors are lined with photographs of our children in the light, alongside photos of them creating their own. We have co-created a stained glass window to capture this central part of our ethos.

Music is at the heart of our school, which connects us all with it's energy, life & engagement.

Illuminating the World

We use our voices of praise & thankfulness to illuminate the world. We spread these voices far afield into our local community to connect our spirits through music.

The Source

The Sun, our nearest star, is the source of physical energy, heat, light & life on Earth.

God is our source of spiritual life, light & energy.

Growing Solar Systems

We are on a journey, with the houses of Discovery, Enterprise, Challenger & Endeavour as our transport.

On our travels, we collect Star Points to light up our own solar systems. These solar systems, when combined with the gifts each person brings to their house, form beautiful galaxies.


We want to reflect on what Collective Worship brings into our lives.

We discuss our reflections, then share them as a gift in our book to be passed from class to class. This knowledge is called “The Light.”

Reach for the Stars

Our school logo has been designed to embody some of the core ideals of our ethos: “reach for the stars” & “follow the light.”

It has also been created to reflect on “the rhythm of the town.”

Lighting Up Language

How do we “light up” the world?

How do we “shine brightly?”

What are our “reflections?”

We each have unique gifts which spread light. Pass these gifts on to spread your light and shine in your heart.

Collective Worship

“I am the light of the world.”

Every Monday & Tuesday the upper & lower school will light the main candle to symbolise the light that we all bring to our school community & the world.

We celebrate the gifts we bring though our Star of the Week certificates.

Each week, one of our classes reflects on the collective worship from the previous week, including the gift of the light from the book of reflections. The book is then passed on to the next class.

Whole school and year group collective worship (on Fridays) will celebrate the Christian calendar and themes. These sessions are led by the children to spread their light. Class collective worship & clergy led collective worship will build on & develop the themes.

Image Credits:
Image 01: Seaset - Nic Redhead (nic_r - Flickr)
Image 02: Stained Glass, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral - Ceri Richards (mira66 - Flickr)
Image 03: The Lamp Post - Nic Redhead (nic_r - Flickr)
Image 05: Photo ID: KSC-2010-3416 - Kennedy Space Center of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA))
Image 06: Water Reflection - Yuma Hori (hokkey - Flickr)
Image 07: I'm a dreamer... - Jason Rogers (xJason.Rogersx - Flickr)
Image 08: Seeing the light - Jenny Poole (jasminejennyjen - Flickr)
Image 09: Light my candle - Bill Selak (billselak - Flickr) Alteration: This image has been flipped horizontally.

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