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About us...

We have a great school and our work is guided by our vision for the school community to experience  'Life in all its fullness'.

Our school is about every young person understanding the importance of discipline in their learning, to know things, to grow in confidence and develop their talents - all within a community of hope and dignity.

There is a strong spirit of working together in a setting where the safeguarding of our young people and staff is paramount. We learn important knowledge and we share great experiences. We learn how to speak and listen well, compose music, perform, play sport, produce artwork, investigate the world around us, and have a sense of the journey of humankind and its impact on our world. We place tremendous value on gratitude, compassion and hard work and this can be seen throughout our school.

We seek your support in all of this, we know that it is the guidance of parents and carers who make the biggest difference to a young person’s life chances.

I will provide regular updates in my blog below and please do get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Mr Le Bredonchel

Head Teacher

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