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Maya Cousins (5RM) sent in this brilliant piece of writing - you will love the ending!

There was once a time when several people came over to my house for a party, (we’ve got a lot of land.) I was in charge of the chocolate cake, oh what a wonderful cake I baked. But we had one problem: we only had two ways to transport it. What about the quad bike, no, too bumpy and risky. There was the possibility to go on foot, no, (it’d take too long,) we are already late. What can we do?! We can’t leave it here! We’ll go with the quad, it’s not like we’ll meet a bear. So off I go on the quad bike, all is fine at first, but then I meet with the river, nowhere else to go. Oh no! I’ll have to go through it! Then I carry on, (at quite a speed, I’d say,) and as I hit the horrible lump, SPLAT!

I face-plant through the sticky icing, almost all the way! At least I’m at the party, I say to myself, but everyone is staring at you, retorts back my head. “Chocolate cake, anyone!?” I say, grimacing.


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