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Learning Spanish in Year 6

In Spanish, we have been continuing to work on vocabulary and phrases, and are becoming a lot more confident in having little conversations. We have learnt the Spanish alphabet, which was a challenge, due to some of the letters having very different sounds to those in our alphabet!

Recently, we have been learning how to ask and tell someone where we live.

Why not have a go at practising some of these!

¡Hasta luego!

Vivo en una casa. I live in a house.

Vivo en una ciudad. I live in a town or city.

Vivo en el campo. I live in the countryside.

Vivo cerca del mar. I live near the sea.

Vivo en un pueblo. I live in a village.

Vivo en un piso / apartment. I live in a flat / apartment.

'I love being able to speak Spanish. It's really useful knowing two languages because when you travel the world, it makes it easier to speak with people.' BOBBY BRAUND 6CN

'I really enjoy learning the Spanish language. I feel that it will be very helpful for me in the future, as I may want to visit Spain when I'm older and will already know how to communicate with others!' SKYLER REDMOND 6CN



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