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National Take Over Day

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

On Friday 23rd November, Year 6 took the school value of 'Community' to heart as part of National Take Over Day. Throughout the day, Year 6 students helped their school community by offering their services: running lunchtime clubs such as board games and reading; organising games in the playgrounds; mentoring and being peer buddies during break and lunchtimes and even giving our office staff a helping hand.

We even took over the town! Alongside the Mayor and fellow councillor, Netti Pearson, presentations for the candidates for the Ilfracombe Youth Council were held. Jules Taylor, Katie Ruane, Jasper Shobbrook, Ben Richardson, Faith Spears, Ruby Hopkins and Ruby McEwan presented their hopes and dreams for Ilfracombe. They all did an amazing job - our Town Mayor was very humbled! In the end it was down to the voters...

Congratulations to Jules, Katie, Jasper, Ben and Ruby H!



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