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Refugee Visit for Year 4

In Geography we are exploring why people move around the world. We have discovered that some people do not have the choice to migrate, but are fleeing as refugees. We had a visit from a woman named Khadija who fled from her home in Syria to keep her family safe. We learned how beautiful Syria was before the war began and how hard it was for her to get to our safe country. This opportunity allowed us to recognise how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful and safe country where our opportunities are endless.

'I felt sad for Khadeja because she had to leave where she lived.' Tyler Buckberry 4CH

'If I were her, I would have felt really sad because her city had been damaged.' Owen Llewellyn-Rees 4CH

'I think Khadeja was really brave for sharing a personal story with us.' Imy Jamieson-Dunn 4CH

'I feel very happy that she had a safe journey here and she is safe here.' Lauren

'I admire her because she explained her story in front of a big audience and that was really brave.' Halle Collins 4CH

'I really liked it when she showed us pictures of Syria.' Zofia Kiliszek 4CH

'I'm glad that she is where she is now.' Malin Marx-Young 4CH

'I feel proud of her because she went through a lot of things.' Emily Cox 4CH


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