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Secret Book Quest

The Secret Book Quest is a brand-new reading challenge designed to encourage a lifelong love of reading in children. The challenge is aimed at children over the age of five, with the target of getting them to have fun reading 50 books.

The Secret Book Quest is completely FREE and a great way to inspire children to develop their reading skills. Children can sign up at Ilfracombe Library.

Library staff are on hand to support the children, helping them to discover new authors and explore a wide range of different types of books and ways of reading. The library is completely free to join - so any children who are not already members can be signed up at the same time as joining The Secret Book Quest.

Every child who signs up will receive a special Secret Book Quest booklet packed full of puzzles, fun facts and activities. There are 10 themed ‘zones’ for children to travel through including animals, underwater, space and technology. To complete the Quest and win a prize, they must read five books for each zone and collect all the code-stickers along the way – a total of 50 books. The final sticker is the missing piece that enables them to decipher a secret code and complete the challenge!

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