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The Wonder of Flight By Joseph Searle

Joseph (6AR) has written a wonderful recount based on Amelia Earhart - the record breaking female aviator! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did.

Well done Joseph! Please do send in your writing to to have it published on our website.

My journey began at Harbour’s Grace, Newfoundland. It was a bright summer’s day, perfect flying weather, and I was getting ready to set off in my plane. I made one last check on the engine before starting up and setting off. Down the pier I went, steadily gathering speed before lifting off the ground and into the air. I had begun my epic journey.

The first few hours after take-off were calm and sunny with my small aircraft soaring over the shimmering sea, but as night came closer, I met my first danger, thunderstorms. The thunder rumbled overhead as I desperately directed my plane through the storm. If I wasn’t careful, then I could have been sent hurling into the sea by the strong winds. The lightning as well, was a worry as one strike alone could send my plane tumbling out of the sky. However, carefully and somehow safely, I managed to escape the storm and continue my adventure. And that was just the beginning.

Not long after exiting the furious stormcloud, my plane began to create problems. As if my life wasn’t already hard enough, my craft was now spluttering and, every once in a while, would refuse to turn. I was about a quarter of the way through my flight by now, and there was nowhere to stop and check the plane, so I had to just push on. It was really tough. I went through another storm and nearly crashed at one point, swerving up at the last second. But eventually, I reached a nearby island and stopped to check the engine. It turned out that the plane was simply out of fuel so I filled it up and set off once again.

At this point, I was edging closer and closer to the United Kingdom and my destination, Northern Ireland, when I was hit by yet another, massive storm. I could hardly see and when I did come out, I nearly smashed into a cliff that had appeared in front of my eyes. Turning at just the right moment, I realised where I was. I had made it to Northern Ireland! Finally coming to a stop in a field near the village of Cudmore, I jumped out and kissed the air, amazed that I was still alive. While taking a cart back to Cudmore, I thought to myself ‘never give up.’ And I can’t give up on my next mission, to fly around the entire world! But that, folks, is for another day.


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