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Year 3's Visit Seaview Haven

On Friday 1st November, 3EC went to visit Seaview Haven Residential Care Home. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to meet other people within the community, sharing conversations, stories and a song from their recent performance. The people in the care home were so happy to have visitors, it really did make their day! Everyone was so complimentary of how kind, caring, considerate and polite the children were. It really filled me with pride! I know this experience is something both the children, the staff and the residents will remember for such a long time as it brought so much joy to us all.

'I liked that we made new friends.' Felicity Tudor 3EC

'I liked how we got to move around so we could meet so many different people.' Emily Squire 3EC

'I thought it was the best day ever because I got to make new friends.' Alfie Cook 3EC

'I loved everything about our visit because the people were so kind to us!' Sonny Denyer 3EC

'A lady there said I looked really smart! That made me feel really happy and proud.' Olivia-Grace Blackmore 3EC

'I liked that we got to meet some lovely new people.' Tulisa-Jane Jones 3EC

'Maggie told me and Felicity that we had lovely smiles. She loved hearing all about our school life and what we were doing.' Lottie Holland 3EC

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