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Year 3 Visit Arlington Court

3EC visited Arlington Court this week. We had such a wonderful day doing cave-like paintings using natural resources such as mud, horse-hair brushes, beetroot and charcoal. We also built a model Stone-Age settlement using clay, leaves and sticks. Finally, we built our own life-size shelters! We worked hard as a team to build something that we could all fit in and that would protect us.

'The challenge of building a den was fun!' ASHLEY KINO 3EC

'I liked it when we made the roof for the little clay houses.' FELICITY TUDOR 3EC

'I painted a tree shelter and a woolly mammoth. We used mud, beetroot and paint brushes made of horse hair.' ELLA KERSHAW 3EC

'I enjoyed it when we had to rebuild parts of the den when it fell down!' MIRI PENNINGTON-ELLIS 3EC

'I loved sitting inside my den when it was finished. It felt cosy!' SONNY DENYER 3EC



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