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Year 5 The Harbour Master Visit

Year 5 had a visit from Ilfracombe Harbour Master, Georgina, this week.

The visit linked with our Geography unit of Oceans and Plastic pollution. Georgina explained the dangers of plastic pollution, oil spills and other human impacts. She discussed how we can combat these threats through our own actions and the actions as a bigger group.

We loved learning about Ilfracombe’s very own Waste Shark. It is a robot boat that scours the harbour area and collects rubbish in its ‘mouth’. It then returns the waste to land to be disposed of properly. The Waste shark is supported by volunteers and the children were very interested in getting involved. If you (and your child) would like to help drive the Waste shark, please contact the Harbour Master for more information. They would love to welcome more people onto the team.


We would like to give a huge thank you to Georgina for coming in and sharing your knowledge with us and inspiring the children.



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