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Ownership and opportunity to experiment and explore in sketch books (influences, artists, mediums, technique and skills)

Art Progression

The documents below describe progression through the key skills and techniques pupils should master in Art.  We have a big focus on drawing because this underpins many other aspects.  For example, before pupils create sculptures they will need to draw what they are aiming for.  Drawing also develops observation and fine motor skills.  Our Art often links with other subject areas whenever these links are relevant.

Vocabulary and communication is an important part of our approach to our Curriculum and we expect the children to know the following words to describe colour.  This will help them to be more articulate and discerning when selecting and describing colour.


Art Blog

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Po opublikowaniu postów zobaczysz je tutaj.

You can keep up to date with some of the amazing Art work that is produced in the blog below.

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