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Our Staff 

Our caring, passionate and skilled staff help to make our school the amazing place it is. Everyone plays their part, including office staff, the pastoral team, learning support assistants, the site staff and the kitchen staff. Listed below are the names of the teaching staff.

Year 3

Mrs Barraclough 3CO 

Miss Jeffery 3KJ

Mrs Wilton 3LW

Year 4

Mrs Croker 4AC  

Mrs Brooke 4KB

Ms Slade 4TS

Year 5

Mrs Spelman 5DS  

Mrs Moore 5RM

Miss Lang 5OL

Year 6 

Mr Alcock 6JA 

Mrs Goodman 6AG

Mr Robertson 6AR

Miss Reed 6PR

Cover Teachers

Miss Parsons

Mr Pearce

Mrs Caller

Mrs Schiller

Head Teacher

Mr Le Bredonchel 

Assistant Head Teachers

Mrs Ravenscroft

Mrs Le Bredonchel

Miss Tanner


Miss Tanner

Family Support Worker

Mrs Hunt (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

School Bursar

Mrs Stafford

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