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Bad Weather

In the event of snow or other extreme weather conditions, it may be necessary for us to close the school for health & safety reasons. In the event of snow, please check the following news outlets for updates:

Many of our staff live outside Ilfracombe and may be unable to come to work due to snow on the other side of Mullacott, so please check even if there is no snow lying in Ilfracombe!

If you hear a confirmed announcement that the school is closed, please pass the information on to other parents, although you should be aware that sometimes the grapevine can be unreliable. If you hear that the Academy or Infants are closed (or open), it doesn't necessarily mean that we are.

It is very important that we have accurate information on record in school in case we need to contact you about early closure in the event of extreme bad weather. If you've recently changed your details (home phone number, address, mobile number, etc) and haven't yet told us, please contact our office to update them.

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