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High Quality Blueprints

These are the models that help us to become better writers.

Writing Showcase

Sit back and enjoy stories, speeches, factual information and monologues from our young writers.

Writing Progression

SEND Writing Progression

In our school, we believe inclusion is central to our ethos. To ensure that every learner, no matter their needs, has the chance to achieve, we have developed a curriculum designed to ensure accelerated progress. Our learners are then equipped and ready to move on to secondary education.

Key Sentence Milestones  

Key Sentence Milestones are skills using Standard English to write sentences with accurate grammar and punctuation. Each half term, we focus on practising a key grammatical concept and apply it in our writing. Each week, children work in small groups alongside their teacher. The Key Sentence Milestones are key end points for each half term throughout the key stage and will help to raise the level of writing to at least expected by the end of Year 6.

Writing End Points

The following documents are typical of the amazing progress that pupils have made in writing as a result of their hard work, our well designed curriculum and great teaching.


Writing Blog

Check out the posts below to see all we are exploring with our writing!

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