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The Voice of History in our School.

Studying history in our school means to become knowledge rich and humanity rich.

History Progression

Living our History

Above is an overview which summarises the key topics and concepts that are taught in History.  We have carefully sequenced the knowledge we want our pupils to gain in chronological order and have organised many of the units so that pupils can make connections with other subject areas.  For example, when learning about the Greeks, year 4 pupils also study Myths in English.  These connections help pupils to strengthen their understanding and memory of what has been taught. 

Making progress in History also means to be able to understand key concepts that define and shape our view of the world.  This is why we have chosen to sequence key concepts such as democracy and empire.  It is through these concepts that we can understand History as 'Our Story'.  Throughout Key Stage 2 we provide pupils with opportunities to review and deepen their understanding of these key concepts.

Below are examples of the knowledge and historical skills pupils are taught in a history unit.

History Blog

Check out our historians below in our history blog!

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