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5RM Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day – 15th January

Updated: Jan 26

In school today, we learnt about Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Dr Martin Luther King Jr was a civil rights activist, who campaigned for the rights of black people. We recognised that he noticed an unfairness in the world and did his best to change it.


We thought about what unfairness’ we have seen in the world and wrote our own ‘I have a dream’ speeches on what to change and why.


Theo 5RM ‘He thought it was not right for black people to be treated unfairly. He raised awareness of the issue and made a famous speech titled ‘I have a dream’.


Chloe 5RM ‘Dr Martin Luther King Jr was so passionate about his work he was murdered.’


Evelyn 5RM ‘Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day is held on his birthday – 15th January’



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