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Our Uniform

What is the school uniform?

  •  Blue sweatshirt or cardigan with our school logo

  • White polo T-shirt

  • Plain black / dark grey trousers, shorts or skirts. (Leggings or tracksuit bottoms are not part of the school uniform)

  • Plain black / dark grey tights

  • Plain black sensible shoes (closed toes, no heels) – please avoid coloured brand marks.

  • Royal blue gingham summer dresses

  • In the winter, coats should be worn to keep children dry and warm. Hoodies should not be worn.

What accessories and jewellery can my child wear?

  • Plain hairbands/Alice bands (no novelty ears etc)

  • Plain studs or small sleeper hoops in ears.

  • Hair colour – natural

What if my child’s uniform is dirty or it has become too small?

No problem! If they have forgotten to put their jumper in the wash, or they have dribbled toothpaste down their jumpers, children can come to the school office where we can provide a clean jumper to borrow. Just return it at the end of the day.

If children come into school in a jumper that is not our uniform, we will lend a clean school jumper for the day. Otherwise, parents will be phoned to bring in a school jumper.

What is the PE kit?

  • Plain white polo shirt with school logo or our house-coloured t-shirt with school logo

  • Plain black shorts or plain black tracksuit bottoms / plain black leggings

  • Trainers / plimsolls

  • Shoulder length or longer hair – tied up

  • No jewellery. If studs cannot be taken out, tape will be provided to cover them.

Pupils can bring their PE kit to school on Monday. Pupils will change into their PE kit at school for PE sessions. PE kit can be brought home on Fridays.

Where can I buy my child's school uniform?

All our uniform can be purchased from Excel Embroidery in Ilfracombe (next to Lidl).

Address: Excel House, Wilder Rd, Ilfracombe EX34 8BS


Closes 4PM

Phone01271 866655

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