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Working Together

Dear parents and carers,

We want all the children in our school to be safe, happy and ready to learn.  We, the parents /carers and the school, have a shared commitment to:

Help our young people to become happy, capable and confident and to respect and care for other people.


We will actively work to value every child by:

  • providing a challenging curriculum that values your child knowing things and how to do things, a curriculum that promotes your child being able to communicate well and one in which your child makes good progress across a range of subjects

  • having high expectations for your child’s learning and behaviour

  • providing swift and regular information and feedback on your child’s well-being and progress in school.

All of this will take place in a safe, well-ordered environment, which promotes the learning of all children in our school.


In order that your child has the opportunity to be the best that they can be, we need you to be able to:

  • support you child in arriving to school on time and having excellent attendance

  • help your child to do their home learning. This might mean creating some space and time for your child to complete it, even when it can be extremely busy with work and home life

  • ensure your child has the correct uniform, PE kit and resources for their school day.


‘The best learning takes place when school and home work well together.’

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