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'Talking Rubbish' Event

Eight children from Years 5 and 6 attended a rubbish and sustainability event at Torrington School hosted by one of the UK's leading recycling, resource and waste management companies 'Viridor'. The children were treated to chats from companies discussing the use of the plant Hemp to cut carbon emissions and from North Devon Plastics who talked about rubbish in our oceans.

Next, the children were able to get involved in a range of interactive and hands on activities with a range of energy saving, waste and recycling companies which included virtual reality face masks giving tours of the oceans all around the world and having a go at using equipment which helps clear plastics from the sea.

To finish the day, author Ellie Jackson shared her story 'Duffy's lucky escape', a book which has been sold all over the world and is based on a true story of an animal who become sick from sea pollution. A real life insight into the damage plastic has on our sea life!

The children behaved excellently all day and were a real credit to our school.



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