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Students in Year 6 are currently taking part in the Bikeability programme.

Bikeability is the modern version of cycling proficiency where on Level 1 students are assessed on their riding skills and taught how to check their bikes before they ride, start an on road journey, when and how to look for other road users, signalling, braking correctly all in the safety of our top playground. Once they have achieved this level and passed Level 1 they will go out on the roads and start Level 2.

Level 2 consists of starting a road journey, how to stop safely, what position to ride on the road, passing parked cars, left and right turns from major to minor roads, left and right turns from minor to major roads, give way junctions plus lots of other helpful safe practices.

The course lasts for about 10 hours so the children get lots of practice, over 40 Year 6’s have already signed up with one group already completing both Level 1 and Level 2.

Well done to all the children that have completed and are currently in the middle of their training, especially with the wet cold weather we have been having.


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