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Bulembu Swazi Choir

The Bulembu Swazi Choir performed to our school in St Peter's Church yesterday, Tuesday 25th June. Here are some of their thoughts:

‘I really liked how they sang in a different language.’ Hanna Geaney 3EC

‘I really enjoyed watching the teachers do the dancing!’ Georgia-Mae Gatcum 3EC

‘I liked seeing the choir sing and dance. I was really impressed with the boys’ high kicks.’ Gracie Skyner 3EC

‘I liked when everyone got to clap along to the rhythm of the song.’ Lauren Shapland 3EC

‘It was really nice that we got to sing happy birthday to one of the boys in the choir.’ Keira Nicolson 3EC

‘My favourite bit was when the girls were doing their dancing because it looked really fun. It was good to see some of the girls from our school have a go at it too.’ William Kendall 3EC

‘The boys did some incredible dancing!’ Micah Davey 3EC



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