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Creative Learning from Ralph

Ralph has got really creative with the learning this week. Here is a great example of how the set learning can be adapted to bring it to life and incorporate other things you are doing at home. To help him with the persuasive advert writing in English, he has baked a tasty snack. He has also used this snack to support and apply his learning on fractions.

Ralph worked with his dad to make a tasty snack comprising of almonds, cranberries, pine nuts, porridge oats, honey and peanut butter.

He describes his snack as healthy, gets you up and going, makes you stronger and when you cut it up you can bring it anywhere.

He can cut it into 10 pieces, and a non-unit fraction would be 9/10.

'We’ve had lots of fun applying the learning from Monday’s tasty snack learning to create something delicious at home!'

Ralph Hennessy-White 3EC



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