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School Council Candidates

Last week, we had some truly inspiring presentations as candidates put themselves forward to be considered for the School Council. The words spoken were honest and from the heart. Here are a few snippets of the candidate’s speeches:

‘I want to make sure that children can have a say in some important decisions, and play a bigger role in making our school a better place.’

‘Instead of asking what the school can offer us, it’s better to ask what we can offer the school.’

‘I know what has helped me feel less anxious since starting the Juniors and I think I might be able to help other children.’

‘I love being part of our school community as we are supported by amazing teachers and pupils. You are treated fairly and get many privileges that many schools do not.’

‘I may be small but I’ve got it all, I’ll fight without rest, put me to the test.’

Our selected candidates for the first six weeks of School Council will be announced later this week.



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