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School Gateway Technical Problem

There have been issues with our messaging / payment system School Gateway. We have received the following information from them:

Following a platform migration at Schoolcomms last night, we have been informed that if parents were logged into the School Gateway App before the migration, they may receive a 'logged in on another device' error message when trying to access their account.

Parents should be able to log back into their accounts using their existing PIN, however if they do not remember this they are able to request a new PIN via the login screen.

They may also see 'New device registered', however this message shouldn't affect their access.

We would like to reassure you and your School Gateway users that their account has not been compromised in any way.

We apologise for any confusion or concern that this action may have caused.

Please be aware that the messages that we sent to parents this morning were to direct parents to our website page which explains our arrangements for the Autumn Term.



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