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Soft Sand, Shimmering Shoals and a Sunny Seaside

'Making patterns with the different colours, made my fish come alive! I used different shades of blue to show the different colours of the mackerel. I loved adding the details to the fin and the tail.' Albie Oldfield 3CO 'The blues that I used to print my fish, looked like the sea.' Theo Baxendale 3CO 'I loved squelching the roller on the paper because it felt like mud.' Miena Challacombe 3CO 'My favourite part was printing onto the canvas, where everyone's versions of the mackerel came together to create a shoal.' Amber Barrington 3CO


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We are hosting a workshop for parents to support their child with anxiety. It is on Wednesday 26th April at 9am in the school hall. Please click on the link here to register your interest.

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