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Sportshall Athletics Finals 2019!

This year’s Sportshall Athletics Finals were held at North Devon Leisure Centre on Thursday 17th January.

The event consisted of three running events which were all relay style.

A 1 lap race (teams of 3), A 2 lap race (teams of 3), and a 1 lap race (team of 12).

The other events were field events: Standing Long Jump, Chest push, Speed Bounce and Vertical Jump.

There were 14 schools that qualified for the finals and the competition was at a very high standard.

Our team did a great job in all of the events and were a credit to our school.

Well done to our team: Leighton Rigler, Riley Malin, Harry Davies, Alfie Roberts, Max Peach, Jules Taylor, Matthea Sacher, Leiteisha Campbell, Ruby Charlesworth, Erin Braund, Olivia Hayne and Lilliemae Hyam.

Unfortunately the organisers were having technical issues and were unable to let us know the results, we will publish them when they are available.



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