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Take Over Day in Year 4

Ilfracombe Junior School will be taking part in ‘National Children’s Take Over Day’ on Friday 29th November. This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to learn about democracy, take part in debates and share their voice.

In Year 4, we will be focusing on two of our school values, ‘hope’ and ‘community’. We would like the children to think about things that they are passionate, informed and hopeful about for the future in Ilfracombe. They will then be given the opportunity to educate their peers on these issues, have the chance to voice their opinions and hear other people’s too.

In our school, we believe it is incredibly important that children understand they have a voice and that they can really make a difference in their communities.

All preparation for this will need to be completed by Friday 29th November.

Thank you for your support with this.



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