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Welcome back!

Welcome back everyone to our New School Year!

It has been an absolute delight to meet and greet all of our pupils returning from their summer holidays. It has been especially nice to see our new year 3 children. I have been visiting  all their classes and they have been  calm and  focused, full of children with smiling faces and polite manners.

As you can see, we also have a new website. Some parts are still under development but please do keep checking back for the latest news and events, pupils' work and all the information you will need as parents.

This year, we have a very important spotlight on the children in our school knowing facts. This could be their number bonds to 10, the impact the Vikings had on our lives today and what we can learn from them, how to greet someone and hold a conversation, to know about the scientific wonders of the world such as making an electrical circuit and the force of gravity. We also want our pupils to be confident at communicating, knowing how to argue their case or to persuade someone with their point of view. And of course, we want them to understand the importance of being active and looking after your own mental and physical health.

Ed (5KC) - Ilfracombe Harbour

As you can imagine we have a full year ahead of us and we will look forward to sharing  the knowledge and skills your child will be learning and practising throughout the year. There will be parents' meetings, open afternoons, performances and exhibitions in which we can all celebrate their successes.

The best support you can give your child is to take time to enjoy their company and have as many conversations as you can find time to have in the business of life. The more opportunity your child has to experience new things with you and to be introduced to new words and  their meaning and to practise speaking and listening the better for their understanding of the world. We look forward to working with you.

Mrs Cox



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