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Year 3 took part in the South West STEM festival. We watched a scientist (Wonderstruck) show us lots of exciting experiments all about forces.

The scientist made it very clear that we shouldn’t copy any of these things at home because they could be very dangerous.

'When the scientist did the gunpowder experiment, I loved seeing the Rice Cripsies go everywhere!' Samuel Burch 3EC

'I liked the experiment with the bottles flying everywhere.' Rupert Bradley 3EC

'I liked seeing the experiment with the tube, by adding electricity you could make light. He used a gherkin!' Emelia Davis 3EC

'It was great to see him put a flammable gas on his head. Luckily his hair didn’t set on fire because he had wet it first and most of the heat travels up rather than down.' Fox Berry 3EC

'I loved the 'eggsperiment' with the egg. That was my favourite!' Coral Hartnell 3KJ

'I can't believe he didn't set his hair on fire when he put the flammable gas on his head.' Charlie Matthews 3KJ

'I liked seeing the pickle light up. That was pretty cool.' Archie Davidson 3KJ

'I loved see the roaring fire heat up!' Jorja Cheal 3CO

'It was fascinating that somehow he didn't set his hair on fire. I loved the explosions!' Rhys Worthington 3CO

'The balloons were so cool when they had shrunk and frozen and went back to normal in the heat!' Zoey Jackson-Field 3CO

'The exploding Rice Crispies were my favourite.' Nieve Richards 3CO

'The shooting bottles were amazing, they looked like mini rockets flying across the air.’ Lily Mae Green 3RA

‘I liked all of it as it was playing with fire but in a really safe way.’ Megan Lake 3RA

‘I really liked it when they burnt the stick with oxygen. Using the oxygen to produce a light blub was amazing.’ Sadie Power 3RA



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