Year 5 Book Reviews

We would like the children to prepare and present a book review based on a non-fiction text they have enjoyed.

Ideas for possible presentations could include:

· A video of a cookery/craft/sports demonstration

· A video of a mock interview with a famous person

· A power point presentation based on the non-fiction text eg. facts about animals, volcanoes, etc.

The book review should cover the following questions:

· What is the title of this book?

· What is this book about?

· Have you read any other non-fiction books that are similar to this book?

· What have you learnt from this book?

· How is the information presented?

· How can you tell what age reader this book is aimed at?

· What is your favourite page and why?

· Who would you recommend this book to and why?

· What are you going to be reading next?

Please help your child to prepare an imaginative and entertaining presentation for the week beginning 14th December. Any videos or power points can be emailed to

We look forward to seeing how creative your amazing children can be.


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