Year 5 Exploring Fractions and Decimals

In maths over the last few weeks, Year 5 have been working on their place value of large numbers and exploring fractions and decimals.

We have learnt how to read and write large numbers up to millions. Later the year group practiced counting up and down in powers of 10 from any number and unpicked the values of each digit in large numbers.

Using Numicon resources and high-tech fraction calculators (pieces of paper), we explored equivalent fractions and how to compare fractions by converting them so that they have the same denominator. In this photo, Willow and Lani from 5WS are using Numicon plates to show that the improper fraction 12/5 is equal to 2 2/5 as a mixed number.

We used our fraction knowledge to investigate decimals then represented these using base 10 blocks before comparing, sorting, and ordering them by size. In the following photos Katie, Morgan and Louis are making and showing decimal representations of numbers using base10 blocks. Ella and Ivana are playing a chance game generating decimals with tenths and hundredths and ordering them from smallest to largest.

The Year 5 teachers have been so impressed with how Year 5 have been tackling some tricky mathematical elements. Please do look on our webpage to see the Year 5 termly milestones.