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Zone Buddies

The Zones of Regulation is a great tool that we use across the school to support us in both understanding and communicating our emotions.

Lunchtimes can be very exciting but also tricky for some at times. To help them to be as successful as possible for all of our pupils, we have created ‘Zone Buddies’. ‘Zone Buddies’ are Year 6 pupils who have a keen interest in helping others. They look out for children who appear to be in the blue, yellow or red zone and offer them support and strategies to try to get them feeling better and enjoying their lunchtime once again.

‘I like helping people and trying to make them feel better.’ Connie Startup

‘I like having this role because it is nice to feel like you are there to help the other children have a positive lunchtime.’ Bella Boni

‘We like helping people and trying to give them ideas of things they can do to help themselves feel better.' Phoebe Ley and Lacey Kelly

‘It is great having Zone Buddies around as they help you because they are so nice to talk to.’ Dylan Palmer- Juett

‘I think it is good to have Zone Buddies as they are always there to help if you need it.’ Mia Martin

‘If I’m ever sad or not feeling good, the Zone Buddies cheer me up and help me.’ Brooke Whitehead



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