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'10 a day'

At Ilfracombe Juniors, we understand the great importance of educating our pupils about their mental health. Mental health is something that everybody has and it is essential that we learn how to look after it, in the same way that we learn how to keep ourselves physically healthy. All of the staff here are committed to and work hard to support the children in learning how to help themselves stay mentally healthy.

One way in which we teach the children about keeping themselves in a good place is through learning about the '10 a day'. This is a fantastic resource that reminds us about the things we could do each day to help ourselves to feel balanced. Not all of these things work for everyone so it is important that we think about, and try to understand which ones work for us and what is manageable for us to do.

We don't need to do all 10 each day, but it is a great guide that we can refer to so we can make sure we are looking after ourselves.

This is something you could try at home too!



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