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£350 for Red Nose Day!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We would like to say huge thank you to everyone who donated money and took part in Red Nose Day today. We are so excited to say that as a school we have raised £350!

The children have been so creative and reflective about the people they have dressed up as. It is so wonderful to see who they admire as the heroes of the moment.

'I have come dressed as my dad as he has been working so hard all of the time.' Riley Farrell 3EC

'Today I have dressed as firefighters as there was a fire at the house next door to us and they were so helpful to put it out. I think they are all heroes.' Kitty Elliott-Arkell 3EC

'I have dressed up as Marcus Rashford as he has been working really hard to help to get free school meals for children over the holidays. I think what he is doing is really important. He is also my favourite football player.' Samuel Burch 3EC

'I have come dressed up as Sharna today as she is very kind and she helps us all so much at school.' Emelia Davis 3EC

'My hero is my dad because he worked so hard to help me with my school work over lockdown. I think everyone is a hero in their own right.' Evie Lamerton 3EC

'Today I have come as Miss Craufurd because she is very good teacher and she helps children learn so many new things.' Miya Morgan-Fox 3EC

'I love Red Nose Day because we get to donate money which will really help those who need it most.' Demi-Leigh Seals 3EC

Thank you once again for all of your generous donations.

Lavender Jenner 5RM came as her Aunty who is a football player and firefighter.



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