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5RM Plants

5RM have started their plants topic in Science. We have begun by looking at what plants need to grow and how they thrive in the best environments. To discover for ourselves what plants need to grow, we have set up an experiment.

Each group has planted a seed and will change the environment it is growing. We have 5 different plants we will watch group; 1 with no water and no light, 1 with no water and light, 1 with no soil, water and light, 1 with water, soil and light and 1 with water and no light. Over the next few weeks, we are going to observe how the grow and record our findings.


The children predict the seed with the soil, water and light will grow the best. We had a split decision on which one would grow the least; some children thought it would be the plant with only soil (no water and no light), while others thought it would be the one with no soil (just water and light).




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