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Greenseas ceremony

Last week, a group of our year 5 children were asked to attend an opening ceremony for a new recycling bin at Ilfracombe harbour. The bin is large, bright and informative and will hopefully encourage people to recycle their plastic bottles, which might otherwise have ended up in our ocean.

As part of our Geography work, as a year group, we produced posters which will be used to inform tourists visiting our area, about the importance of protecting our oceans. These were taken to the ceremony and shared with the local council and other visitors.

The children in 5DS were so inspired by the ceremony that they wanted to raise some money to help provide another bin for the local area. They worked hard to produce and sell an amazing amount of loom band bracelets and raised just over £50! Well done 5DS, we are so proud of how you are helping to protect our ocean and harbour area.



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