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‘Ilfracombe Through My Eyes’

In Year 3, we would like to share some of final pieces from painting and how we evaluated them. We hope you can see the similarities and inspiration taken from our focus artists – Lowry and Hockney.

I have painted in the style of Hockney and Lowry. I like the background because I have used lots of colours, it gives the Hockney vibe. I could improve the lines around the houses because they are too thick and Lowry paints lightly. BY MATTHEW DOS SANTOS

I have chosen to paint in the style of Lowry for the high street, as it can be a gloomy place. For the hills, I’ve chosen to paint in the style of Hockney. I like the hills, because I’ve done them in different shades of green. I could improve by making my house straighter and keeping inside the lines. BY LAVENDER JENNER

My picture shows the Landmark and the countryside. I have chosen to paint in the style of Hockney, because the Landmark makes me feel happy and safe. I like where I dabbed to show the green grass in the fields, and I like that I used colours that the thing isn’t because it shows that I love the world like Hockney. BY KATIE DONOVAN

I have painted in the style of Hockney because he uses bright colours make me feel happy. I have painted the landmark and put a twist to it, because Hockney paints the countryside as bright and vibrant and I like the countryside too! I like the purple colour on the road, as the colour gets lighter, the further the road goes into the distant.


My pictures shows Capstone with a big bright, blue sea beside the big rocky cliff. I have chosen to paint in the style of David Hockney, because he uses bright, cheerful and jolly colours. I could improve to go over my colours more so they are not scratchy and so I get a richer, solid colour. BY AMBER BARRINGTON



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