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Isabel Thomas - Year 4 author visit

We had a fascinating, fun and very active time with Isabel Thomas, a writer of over 200 Science books for children! We learnt about tiny tardigrades (or woolly bears) which can survive being cooked in an oven or being sent into space with no oxygen. We found out where ‘snot’ is produced and how it travels around the body. We discovered why wombat poo is such an unusual shape and why the dragonflies we have today are so much smaller than in prehistoric times.

Here are some of our favourites moments (from 4TS):

“I loved finding out how big prehistoric dragonflies were and how they evolved to get smaller.” Zephyr

“I liked watching my teacher eat a mealworm!” Evie

“ My favourite part was the green snot balloons!” Charlie B

“I found out that wombats could make buildings out of their cube-shaped poo!” Hugo

“I liked it when she showed us a cat in a bowl and asked if it meant cats are liquids, not solids.” Beau and Nahla



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