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Jack's Exciting Trip

Jack Liell-Barnes in 3EC had a very exciting weekend! He was lucky enough to take a trip in a hot-air balloon with his mum, Nanny and Grandad. He went from Willand, Tiverton and was able to see a birds-eye view of all of the areas around there.

He and his family went in one of the biggest hot-air balloons in the UK, weighing 2.6 tonnes. They went up to around 1800ft!

Jack said it was good but a bit scary. The scary bit was the first loud noise of the hot air blowing up the balloon. One of the best bits was the amazing views he could see. Jack is also incredibly proud as he is the youngest person to have been in the hot-air balloon. You have to be 8 years old to fly and he just turned 8 on the 4th June.

What an amazing experience!


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