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Message From Our Governing Body

Dear parents and carers,

It has been a very positive start to the year with a visit from Dawn Stabb, Head of Education and Learning in Devon, who came to our school to see all the great work we are doing on developing the curriculum.

We have also had an Ofsted HMI One Day Inspection. This inspection recognised all our many successes (please read the report) and the strong pupil progress throughout the school. There were gaps identified in Year 3 children’s phonics and the school has already invested in more phonics training and resources to close these gaps in knowledge.

We, as governors, have visited the school to monitor our new Trivium approach to the teaching of our school’s Curriculum. We observed very good behaviour and children enthusiastically engaged in their learning. They were speaking confidently in full sentences to tell us what they knew and they knew a lot about their history topics, grammar and punctuation, fractions and science.

This term, the school will be focusing on geography and your child will be learning about the different continents, the countries and their capital cities, important rivers and landscapes and most important of all where they live in relation to the big wide world.

I have sat in on the feedback our staff and children have been given from these recent inspections and we are proud to say that we are way ahead of many school. We are giving the children in our school a fantastic opportunity to know and learn about many important things.

Best wishes,

The Governing Body

Ilfracombe C of E Junior School

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