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Spelling Strategies

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

To ensure all children have the ability to make decisions about their spelling we have a large focus on the different strategies that the children know and use. These strategies have a broad range from physical to auditory to allow all learners to find something that works for them.

The progression allows children to begin with as good foundation of knowledge around the vocabulary of spelling. It also ensures children have an awareness of the statutory word lists. Through this exposure they will learn to spell the staturtory words, their definitions and be confident to use them.

Duplicating the progressions for each year group pairs means the children can gain a solid understanding in the first visit and then in the second visit they can really develop their skills and widen their vocabulary.


We help each other when we can

Spelling rules

We focus on each rule individual, recognising what words it can help us to spell.


We try many different strategies from physical walking dictations to creating rhymes and riddles.

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