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Sportshall Athletics

Each academic year there is a Sportshall Athletics competition held at the North Devon Leisure Centre for all schools in the area.

The competition is for Year 5/6 students with 6 boys and 6 girls representing their school as a team.

The events consist of two running races, standing long jump, speed bounce and chest pass.

Mr O’Sullivan and sport students from the Ilfracombe Academy go to all local schools in the learning community and test all Year 6 children to see who are the top 12 in each school at the disciplines.

From these assessments, the top six boys and girls compete with the other schools in the learning community, which is held at Ilfracombe Academy.

The top two teams from the event will represent the learning community at the finals, this year’s top two schools are Woolacombe and Ilfracombe Juniors!

Well done to our team for qualifying: Erin Braund, Leitesha Campbell, Ruby Charlesworth, Harry Davies, Olivia Hayne, Lilliemae Hyam, Riley Malin, Ruairi O’Callaghan, Max Peach, Alfie Roberts, Matthea Sacher and Leighton Rigler.

Good Luck in the finals!



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