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Strictly Come Gymnastics

This terms house competition was Strictly Come Gymnastics. The format for the competition was for the children to join up with other children in their house to create a routine/performance for our judges!

The children that competed, practiced their techniques in PE and on competition day they had 30 minutes to create a routine/performance with other children representing their house.

Each year group performed some fantastic routines, and everybody involved had a great time, all children were very supportive of each other during the performances. A big well done to everyone who participated and a big thank you to our wonderful judges.

The results were as followed:

Year 3 – 1st Enterprise with 38 points, 2nd Discovery with 35 points, 3rd Challenger with 30 points and 4th Endeavour with 23 points (4 judges max 40 points).

Year 4 – 1st Discovery with 45 points, 2nd Challenger with 40.1 points, 3rd Enterprise with 38 points and 4th Endeavour with 37.5 points (5 judges max 50 points).

Year 5 – 1st Endeavour with 48 points, 2nd Discovery with 37 points, 3rd Enterprise with 34 points and 4th Challenger with 31 points (5 judges max 50 points).

Year 6 - 1st Endeavour with 48 points, 2nd Enterprise with 44 points and Joint 3rd Discovery and Challenger with 41 points (5 judges max 50 points).

House competition running total: Challenger 240, Enterprise 200, Discovery 260 and Endeavour 190.


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