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The Edge of the World - Written by Theo Baxendale 3CO

On a cold freezing day in the middle of the Arctic, Jack the penguin was extremely sad. He witnessed his friend, Penny, looking for food in the roaring deep blue sea. She gulped and chomped her way through the water, swaying as she swam in her quest for a full tummy. She bit down biting her way through a metal tin can, as it blazed down it rattled against her belly.

Jack had had enough! Lots of his friends had been harmed by litter in the ocean. He wanted to leave his home and colony behind in the search for the edge of the world. It was a secret place, a sanctuary for animals, right on the very edge of the world. Jack hesitated, looking at the hazardous plastic filled ocean, suddenly he imagined he had lots of courage and people were cheering for him so he immediately dove into the icy ocean swerving past the litter as he swam flipping and flopping his velvet fins. The water got dirtier and his vision grew extremely blurry. He heard a tearful sound. It was an enormous bright green scaly crocodile. Jack tentatively crawled over the swamp towards the crocodile and stuttered: ‘A-A-Are you ok?’ The crocodile slowly turned before opening his giant long snappy mouth announcing ‘NO! I’m not okay because my friends are getting poached and getting turned into boots.’ Jack felt sad for him and said: ‘Why don’t you come with me, I’m going on a journey to the edge of the world where we can be safe.’

As they walked together the crocodile promised he wouldn’t eat Jack and he felt relieved. They trudged along through the mud becoming sand under their feet. They ran along through the thunder and zooming rain, the bright orange sun rose and the rain softened to a slow stop. Coconut covered trees covered them as they travelled through the forest, they spied a man with a red cap. Jack imagined the crowd cheering for him again as he muttered: ‘Who are you?’ to the man, who replied: ‘You must be Jack, you have travelled a long way!’ he said with a glancing smile. ‘Welcome to the edge of the world, your friend Penny has been telling me about you, here you will be safe and sound. I’m hoping soon there will be a bit of me in everyone and you can see your friends and family again and return to your homes.’ The crocodile, the penguin and the man danced all day to the very edge of the world.


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