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TT Rockstars!

We have created a TT Rockstars account for all children in Year 2 joining our school.

TTrockstars is a programme used to enhance the children’s multiplication and division knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Based on the game ‘Guitar Hero’, TTrockstars requires the children to work through a range of multiplication levels to become the ultimate Rockstar, performing on the big stage at a festival! It can be played on all devices - either download the app or simply log in to the website.

Children can create their own avatar, pick their own Rockstar name and then must earn coins (through answering questions correctly) to allow them to buy skins for their avatar and turn them into an image of their choice.

How to set up your child’s account:

1. Logon to and then click login and school pupils.

2. Begin to type in OUR school name and then click on Ilfracombe Junior School.

3. Next: login! Your child’s username is the first 3 letters of their first name and first 3 letters of their second name- e.g. Daniel Smith would be dansmi- The password is ‘password’.

4. Once logged in, choose a Rockstar name (the list is endless!).

5. Once a name has been chosen, this is the home-screen. Anything set in ‘Garage’ mode is teacher set and if a task is set, this must be completed before any other levels can be attempted. The teacher will generally focus on a certain times table each week. Once completed, other levels can be attempted and the questions vary.

Things to know:

  • A few questions on each level are division- a vital aspect of improving multiplication knowledge and making the links between division and multiplication!

  • Coins are earned based on the number of questions answered correctly- this will also allow the programme to alter questions depending on personal competence. Different games can earn you more/less coins.

  • Coins can be spent in the ‘Shop’ (top left corner on laptops and bottom left corner on iPad type devices) to alter your characters appearance etc.

  • There are single player and multiplayer games. Garage mode is teacher set work and must be completed before other levels can be attempted.

  • Multiplayer can also be played with others across the programme- you join a multiplayer game by clicking on a stadium e.g. Wembley in the drop-down bar). To play against children in class or in other classes (e.g. a sibling) you can go on ‘Rockslam’ in the multiplayer mode (please note you will need to know that person’s Rockstar name).

  • If an answer isn’t known to a question- have a guess and just move on.

We hope you enjoy using it - please email if you have any questions.



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