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'Where is Ilfracombe?'

Our Geography unit in Year 3 this term has focussed around our question: ‘Where is Ilfracombe?’

We have used maps to look at the hemispheres, the equator and different continents. We then zoomed in to look at countries in more detail, including their key features and what the countries are known for. To describe where we live and where we are placed in the world, we needed to think about how even countries are sectioned into regions and counties.

Thinking about Ilfracombe, we drew our own maps to school by showing the routes we take. We explained what we could see and the things you might find in Ilfracombe. This then helped us to look at incorrectly labelled maps and discuss our reasoning. We demonstrated this knowledge by applying it to our writing.

Have a look at some amazing pieces of work completed by some of the children in Year 3!

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