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Year 3 Meet An Author!

Year 3 had a fabulous time watching Steve Cole's silly alien songs and learning about how he became an author. We are reading some of his books in class and are really enjoying them.

'I loved the alien songs, they were really entertaining!' Archie Blackmore 3CO

'It was liked a silly interview where we got to make up our own crazy monster character.' Hettie Brennen 3CO

'He made me jump and laugh!' Amelia Long 3CO

'I thought it was amazing how he joined two nouns together to make a new word (Astrosaurs). I was inspired to make my own!' Joey Malin 3KJ

'I loved it when Steve Cole sang the songs and we joined in for the chorus.'

Ella-Louise Mullane 3KJ

'I loved the Aliens Stink song! It made me laugh a lot.' Scott McCarthy 3KJ



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