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Year 3 'Open The Book'

On Thursday 23rd January, Year 3 were visited by Open the Book. They came in to tell us the story of Noah from the Bible. Some of the children got to take part too. This story is important to our current RE topic which asks the questions 'How is following God similar to a Christian wedding?'. We learnt that in this story, after the flood, God makes a promise to Noah that he will always keep people safe from harm. He created the rainbow as a symbol of this promise.

'I liked seeing Noah and the animals on the ark. They were on there as God wanted a fresh start.' Frankie Roddis 3EC

'I enjoyed singing the song about why Noah made an ark.' Sonny Denyer 3EC

'I enjoyed learning the story of Noah and his ark.' Alfie Cook

'I enjoyed learning about why God made a rainbow. He made it as a sign of his promise that he would never harm people again but he would keep them safe.' Isaac Golding-Banner 3EC

'I enjoyed learning about Noah and how he was allowed to fill his ark with his family and two of each animal to keep them safe, ready for a new start.' Emily Squire 3EC



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