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Year 3 Parents

Dear Parents,

We hope your child is settling well in Year 3 and has enjoyed all the lovely things they have been doing so far such as the ‘Our Town Art Project’.

We have started setting the children some spelling home learning so they can practise the words or sounds we are learning in school each week at home. In our school, we love to see the children being creative and understand that we all learn in different ways so… the children can choose how they present their spelling home learning. All we ask is that they do have a go at it and we have included some spelling activities for you to use as inspiration. Their spellings are best practised in small chunks and repeated over time as much as possible.

The word list set by the class teacher will be sent home on a Monday. These will be stuck into their ‘Home Learning’ books and checked the following Monday.

Although this has not started yet, we will soon be setting My Maths home learning on a Monday. You will find your child’s log on details stuck to the back of their Reading Journals. They will need this in order to access their home learning activities. Once they have completed the tasks set by the teacher, they are free to explore the other games and activities on the site. These are a great way for them to practise things they have already learned or try things they will learn in class in the future.

In the meantime, the maths milestones for the children this year are on the school website but will also be sent home for your information and for you to practice with your child.

Reading Journals will be checked at least weekly on a Monday. Please make sure they are in school, have been signed by an adult and record what your child has read the previous week. You can log anything your child has read. This does not necessarily have to be a book they have been given by the school, it could be a recipe, a newspaper, a magazine, something online or a book they have at home. Books issued by the school are matched to their reading comprehension ability and will be reviewed after they have taken their on-line quiz in school.

In school, we will work hard to equip your child with all the skills they need to complete their home learning tasks. However, it really is practise that makes things permanent. We thank you so much for all of your support with the home learning as parents and the school working in partnership makes a huge difference to the success of the children.

Yours sincerely

Miss Craufurd

Assistant Head



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